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Welcome to Total Staffing Solutions

Where Drivers and Companies come together.

We match our drivers’ experience, skills, and desires with our customer’s needs.

Want to Drive?

Direct Hire

Companies use us to recruit for their open positions. This means after our screening processes and interviewing, you will road test with the company. Once hired, you will go directly onto their payroll, benefits, and random drug and alcohol testing pool. Total Staffing Solutions is no longer involved.

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Trial to Hire

After a trial period or probationary period, you go onto their payroll, benefits, and random drug and alcohol testing pool. A trial period lasts 2 to 6 months.

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Seasonal / Temp

Companies seek out short term drivers to fill in at times when there are spikes in business, such as harvest season and holidays. You could also be used to fill in for their drivers’ vacations or sick days. This type of work seems to work best for retired drivers who have extra hours of service available.

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Need A Driver?

Targeted Searches

For the best possible candidates we conduct targeted searches for qualified truck drivers who match your specifications.

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Dedicated Recruiters

Dedicated recruiters will quickly allow you to meet your immediate and long-term truck driver needs.

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Exceed Expectations

We are confident that we will meet or exceed your truck driver requirements and can become a valuable member of your company’s team.

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